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Here's the link: The N64 Original Music for GE:S Release 4.1

This has all the old N64 songs for the level maps, but the only one it doesn't have is the Casino, which wasn't in the original game.

Unzip the folder.

Place the "scripts" folder and the "sound" folder into the "gesource" folder.

Merge the files, and overwrite them (unless you feel like keeping some of GE:S' files instead), and voila, it's that simple.

Now play GE:S and you should hear them.

I didn't include the DANGER music, but just the ones you'd usually hear on Single Player.

P.S: Here's Bashe's Gunsounds


Grunt Attack

Double Century
Link dead  Sad 
I actually want to try this mod. Does anyone know where to get that pack?

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