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1 Guest Wall Rules on Sun Apr 25, 2010 8:11 am


Welcome to the Guest Wall!

This area is for guests to create threads and post without having to sign up first. It will run on a trial basis to see who is interested and to see if it will be used appropriately.

1. Anybody, whether you are a guest or member is allowed to start a new thread and post.
2. Posting anything of sexual, racist, illegal (including file sharing), sexist or vulgar in nature is strictly prohibited.
3. Any spam, including advertising, trolling or double posting will be deleted.
4. Personal attacks against any member or guest, including rudeness, flaming or insults will not be tolerated.
5. You will need to type in a temporary username and security code to post.
6. Anything that is deemed inappropriate will be deleted without notice.
7. Those who break the rules will be warned. If the behaviour continues, you will be banned.

Guests are very welcome to sign up at any time they wish to have access to the rest of the forum.

Members are however still encouraged to start new threads in their appropriate sections.

:: Administrator ::


All dreams are within reach...all you need is direction and focus - Perplex

Paper is dead without words, ink idle without a poem. All the world dead without stories, without love and disarming beauty.

I'd climb to the edge of a mountain for you. I'll go to the ends of the world to find you. We'll dance in the shadows until we reach a breakthrough. All we need is a breakthrough.

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