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1 Murray TA on Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:24 pm


Double Century
Name: Murray

Nickname: Hopiddy

Sex: male

Age: 44

Birthday: 31/1/1966

Height: 6"9

Blood type: red

Eye colour: dark brown

Hair colour: long dark black

Mantra: none needed

Quote: he who does not punish crime, commands it to be done.

Appearance: is partially tanned, has a tough body build-up, works on his arms, leggs and back mostly, wears rg tactical boots in combat and diadora sports shoes when he is in casualy mode, uses a black tactical vest to carry his equipment, but uses normal long black pants and a grey t-shirt.

Personality: loves to muck around out side of his work as a merc, but when he is in work, he is all serious. sometimes acts a bit stupid before a mission, but thats just to keep him "calm before the storm." he also is missing th tip of his middle finger from wrestling with a a man with a knife... the man bet Murray couldn't beat him with a knife. murray won $100 out of it though. only uses his SPAS 15 shotgun when he is in enclosed spaces.

Favourite colour: red

General Description: tall, slightly tanned, friendly and loud

Powers: is the worlds fastest shooter and reloader with any hand held gun, can make any metal stronger and can form it into body armour.

Primary Weapon: SPAS 15 with a 30 magaine and mars sight, has 2 types of ammo: normal 12 gauge rounds and explosive rounds.

Secondary Weapon: 2 walther p88s modified to fire .44 magnum hollow point rounds and an AS50 modified to fire .408 rounds.

Armour: tactical vest with a plate glass shield in between 2 half inch thick bullet proof plates.

Equipment: cleaning kit for all his guns, one belt with 120 shotgun shells on each side. always wears the belt with the normal shells on the front, stun grenades and frag grenades and one big homemade hunting knife.



walther p88

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